At The Hut, our aim is to make fitness fun and accessible for ladies, without feeling intimidated in a large commercial gym.

– Private one to one personal training

– Small group personal training

– Fitness classes

– Personalised meal plans

– 24/7 support

We pride ourselves on making each training programme specific to you and your lifestyle. Making fitness a part of your life. With our app you can access your workouts at any time, as well as handy videos.

At The Hut there are no sign up fees, lots of parking and you can even bring the little ones if child care is an issue! Based on beautiful farm land, with lovely views, The Hut is the perfect place to workout!

We want to make fitness more personal to get you the best results, designing personalised training & nutrition plans, plus welcomed to each class with Tara knowing each persons name.

BodyFIT Class

BodyFIT is a new class designed especially for women who want to tone up their legs, bum, stomach, banish bingo wings and create shape & muscle definition.

Lifting weights in this class you are shaping your muscles and burning body fat!

Using the best exercises in Tara’s experience that work for women.


Bootcamp is every Saturday morning at 8.30am with Tara!

The classes are structured to take account of all fitness levels. This makes each class, safe and accessible for complete beginners and prevents experienced participants hitting a plateau. With a mixture of cardio and strength training you will see and feel the benefits!

Classes are £5 pay as you go or £50 per month for 3 BodyFIT classes per week plus private Facebook group access and nutritional advice & guidance to achieve the best results.

The Hut Timetable


10-11am BodyFIT

6.30-7.30pm –BodyFIT

7.40pm-8.25pm – Stretch & Flex (starting 14th May)


6.15am-7am – BodyFIT Express (starting 15th May)



10-11am BodyFIT Circuits (with Jane)

6.30-7.30pm BodyFIT


10-11am – BodyFIT

6.30-7.30pm – BodyFIT


8.30-9.30am Bootcamp



BodyFIT Membership

Transform your body & supercharge your confidence. Everything you need to finally reach your weight loss & fitness goals

What’s included?

  • Nutrition guidance including sample meal plans, recipe books & food ideas
  • 3 BodyFIT Classes per week & Stretch 7 Flex
  • Progress check ins with Tara inc weight, measurements & progress pictures


£50 per month

The Hut Unlimited

Come to as many classes as you like with the unlimited membership option

What’s included?

  • UNLIMITED classes including Open Gym sessions
  • Nutrition guidance including sample meal plans, recipe books & food ideas
  • Progress check ins with Tara inc weight, measurements & progress pictures


£69 per month

So I've just finished my 8 week plan with Tara and all I can say is - she is incredible!! I started off knowing nothing about weights, was super shy and scared of the weight area but after the 2nd week I had no worries she grew my confidence sooooo much!


Can't recommend Tara enough. She has been such an amazing support, motivated me, boosted my confidence with my form and lifting heavy. Plus losing weight has been a massive bonus!
I'm not the easiest person when it comes to food choices. But Tara was really open and helpful, creating a vegan diet plan and finding protein suggestions! Really approachable and always available to answer questions



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