December is the time most people lose motivation with diet and exercise, all the christmas food and parties. BUT you don’t have to write off a WHOLE MONTH for ONE DAY. Once January comes along you’ll be glad you reigned it in a bit.

How do you stay motivated throughout December?

1. Remember your WHY…. or find it – Why have you started this journey? Why do you want to reach your goals?

2. Write down specific goals. What do you want to achieve by January? What do you want to achieve next year? How is what you are doing going to get you closer?

3. Find a supportive community. Whether this is a Facebook group or friends you can exercise with, find people who are going to help you get to where you want to be and keep you accountable

4. Give yourself rewards. NOT food rewards, you’re not a dog. Once you hit your goal treat yourself to a new gym outfit or that dress you’ve been eyeing up, maybe you’d like a facial or massage

5. Stop making excuses. You’re not too busy, you do have enough time, you’re not too tired. Every single person has the same amount of hours in the day, use them wisely and plan your day out if needed.

6. Expect progress but not perfection. Progress takes time, remember to enjoy the process instead of focusing on the journey. Making it your lifestyle will make sure you maintain and keep on progressing.

7. Be CONSISTENT – probably the best bit of advice I could give you. You have to keep on going to see progress and that’s with anything not just fitness. You don’t achieve a promotion at work without putting the work in, you don’t earn your degree without completing at LEAST 3 years of Uni.

8. ENJOY Christmas! If you’re eating chocolate, cakes, sweets, alcohol make sure you enjoy it and actually want to eat it so you don’t feel guilty. Keep eating your normal healthy meals and when you are going out for food/drinks eat a little less carbs & fats throughout the day to account for some of the calories.

My BodyFIT 8 Transformation Challenge starts January 8th 2018, you can register your interest below. This is especially designed for women who want to lose weight & tone up difficult areas such as thighs, legs, bum, bingo wings. Women who are fed up of wasting time and money on fad diets & want lasting results whilst supercharging their confidence.

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