• Compete in Bikini category
  • Bikini specific training
  • Personalised nutrition plans including all macros & calories, meal timings etc.
  • Weekly check ins with me so I can adjust plans when needed
  • Peak week plans
  • Reverse diet
  • Posing workshops
  • Show prep advice; tanning, hair, makeup, posing, bikini, shoes etc.

Make sure you download my “5 Top Tips I Wish I Knew Before Competing”

Full nutrition plan including meals, macros, calories, refeeds, reverse diet & unlimited adjustments

Private Facebook group community full of like minded women who are all competing

Full support from me via whatsapp or email

Hi! Let me introduce myself… my name is Tara and I am a personal trainer and body transformation coach and I haven’t had the most straight forward journey to where I am now!

From being a national athlete to having injuries which meant I couldn’t carry on, to going off the rails slightly with partying, having a bad relationship with food, developing stomach problems to now becoming a international bikini competitor and being the happiest, healthiest and most confident I have ever been!

And it’s THIS entire journey that is my passion and is my big ‘WHY’ behind this whole #trainedbytara Bikini Team. I want to make sure you are all getting the right information and are ready to compete. Health always comes first so I will make sure you are healthy before and after show.

So my mission is to keep my girls heading in the right directions physically and mentally to get on stage.

I hope you love it and don’t forget the other #trainedbytara members have your back too!

Tara x


If you’ve been thinking about getting on stage for a while, let’s get you there together this year!

Who knows where you can go with it?!

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I personalise ALL programmes, no cookie cutter or generic plans. Every person is different and everybody responds differently to diet and training. This is why it’s important to invest in the right coach for you.

Feel free to message me for any more information.

Bikini prep £79 per month

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

Everything! Training, nutrition, check ins, reverse diet, peak week plus all advice on hair, makeup, tanning etc.

Is personal training included?

Personal training isn’t included but you can book this seperately.

Is posing included?

Posing isn’t included but the one to one posing sessions and workshops are reduced rate for my #trainedbytara bikini team

How long does it take to see results?

If you implement the advice and training given you will start to see results quite quickly!

How much does it cost?

Bikini comp prep is £99 per month. Off season is £79 per month

So I've just finished my 8 week plan with Tara and all I can say is - she is incredible!! I started off knowing nothing about weights, was super shy and scared of the weight area but after the 2nd week I had no worries she grew my confidence sooooo much!


Can't recommend Tara enough. She has been such an amazing support, motivated me, boosted my confidence with my form and lifting heavy. Plus losing weight has been a massive bonus!
I'm not the easiest person when it comes to food choices. But Tara was really open and helpful, creating a vegan diet plan and finding protein suggestions! Really approachable and always available to answer questions



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