Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all look amazing without exercising, while eating whatever we want?!

Unfortunately that’s just what dreams are made of lol but there are some things you can do to reduce body fat without exercising.

  • Be in a calorie deficit  eating less calories than what your body needs
  • Drink 2-3 litres of water daily
  • Get enough sleep  7-9 hours is ideal
  • Load up on fibrous veggies such as spinach, broccoli, beans etc.
  • Increase your protein intake to aid satiety

My BodyFIT 8 Transformation Challenge starts January 8th 2018, you can register your interest below. This is especially designed for women who want to lose weight & tone up difficult areas such as thighs, legs, bum, bingo wings. Women who are fed up of wasting time and money on fad diets & want lasting results whilst supercharging their confidence.

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