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Hi! Let me introduce myself… my name is Tara and I am a personal trainer and body transformation coach and I haven’t had the most straight forward journey to where I am now!

From being a national athlete to having injuries which meant I couldn’t carry on, to going off the rails slightly with partying, having a bad relationship with food, developing stomach problems to now becoming a international bikini competitor and being the happiest, healthiest and most confident I have ever been!

And it’s THIS entire journey that is my passion and is my big ‘WHY’ behind this whole BodyFIT Life Team. I want to make sure you are all getting the right information and can make this into a sustainable lifestyle without the guilt that comes with food. Binge eating, poor relationship with food, guilt after eating, being bloated – I’ve been there! Which is why I want to help you create a better and healthier lifestyle which can can maintain whilst still going out for food and not feeling guilty!

So my mission is to keep my girls heading in the right directions physically and mentally.

I hope you love it and don’t forget the other BodyFIT Life members have your back too!

Tara x



Sharon's Story

I approached Tara and asked for help.

Why? Well at the time I had hit rock bottom due to being addicted to a minimum of three energy drinks a day, six prescribed strong painkillers as well as eating a poor diet and having very little physical exercise. Basically I had got myself in a rut and because of this it had a detrimental effect on my mental well being too.

Tara helped me initially by discussing my addictions, diet, lack of exercise and mental health. She was extremely sensitive and non judgemental and went away to work out a realistic plan to enable me to change my lifestyle for the better. This was written to enable me to incorporate it into my very busy working life. I started the healthy eating one week later and then my initial exercise plan a week after that. Overtime my exercise plan has been rewritten as I have become fitter.

The result has been amazing as you will see from my before and after pictures which I took at the beginning and on week twelve. I advise everyone does this as you do not always see what you want on scales, but the pictures will prove how well you are doing. I am a new woman- I am 18lbs lighter, dropped a dress size and lost 4″ off my waist. I no longer drink the energy drinks or take the painkillers and this has also had a positive impact on my wellbeing.

One thing I really liked was Tara’s enthusiasm and support. If I felt low or negative she would quickly help me look at a positive to refocus me and then I would be fine again.

I found and am still finding the whole experience with Tara like having the ultimate Vitamin B shot, except this feels permanent as she has supported me turn my life around.

I would highly recommend Tara to anyone that is physically and or mentally struggling to change their lifestyle for the better.

Jasmine's Story

So I’ve just finished my 8 week plan with Tara and all I can say is – she is incredible!! I started off knowing nothing about weights, was super shy and scared of the weight area but after the 2nd week I had no worries she grew my confidence sooooo much! I’ve learnt so much from her, from food and exercise to general wellbeing and happiness and confidence. She is ALWAYS there when I need support if I ever feel rubbish she is so motivating and pushes me further. I can’t recommend her enough if you’re a woman (or a man!) looking to confidence build and to get into weights 100000% recommend Tara. I love ya chick thanks so much for everything you’ve done thanks to you I can now wear a bikini and not feel paranoid and I feel so much more comfortable and happy in my clothes!! Xxxxx

Hannah's Story

I finished my 8 week plan with Tara a few weeks ago and it was one of the best decisions I have made with regards to personal fitness.
Tara has a great way with her clients and will tailor a plan around you. She takes into account not only your previous knowledge and experience, but asks what you do and don’t like doing and factors that in.
Once the plan was written for me I was still a bit nervous going to the gym on my own, but Tara would be so helpful when she was there and comes and checks on you if she’s gets a chance. Being able to message her whenever has been so helpful, as she’s answered so many questions, and her responses are so fast considering how busy she is.

I cannot recommend Tara enough. She wants the best for you, but really focuses on how you’re feeling and is happy to make changes if things aren’t working for you. Her experience, and knowledge is so helpful both with training and also other aspects of leading a positive lifestyle.
Tara has been amazing for the 8 weeks and I’m really looking forward to the progress she will push me towards in the upcoming weeks. Thank you so much!



I cannot wait to help you start your journey through BodyFIT Life and introduce you to the members area

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

You’ll receive a new training plan every month plus advice on nutrition with sample meal plans. You’ll have full support from me in the private Facebook group and accountability from other members PLUS you’ll get access to the BodyFIT Life members area of the website

Is personal training included?

Personal training isn’t included but you can book this seperately.

How long does it take to see results?

If you implement the advice and training given you will start to see results quite quickly!

How much does it cost?

BodyFIT Life is just £19 per month!

So I've just finished my 8 week plan with Tara and all I can say is - she is incredible!! I started off knowing nothing about weights, was super shy and scared of the weight area but after the 2nd week I had no worries she grew my confidence sooooo much!


Can't recommend Tara enough. She has been such an amazing support, motivated me, boosted my confidence with my form and lifting heavy. Plus losing weight has been a massive bonus!
I'm not the easiest person when it comes to food choices. But Tara was really open and helpful, creating a vegan diet plan and finding protein suggestions! Really approachable and always available to answer questions



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