I’m a huge believer in you shouldn’t make the gym and food your WHOLE like, it should be part of your life and without guilt too!

If you are wanting to lose weight here are 3 things to get you started…

Figure out your WHY – why do you want to lose weight? why aren’t you happy where you are.
Start by eating non processed/single ingredient foods as most of your daily diet
Aim for 10,000 steps per day – you can get a fitbit or a cheap tracker, even your phone does it!

Get started on these 3 things FIRST but make sure you have your “why” written down.


In my members area I have written blog posts on weight loss, motivation, recipes and heaps of workouts for you to try out to keep you on track.

For only £3.95 per month you can have access to ALL of this – that’s pretty much one cup of coffee!

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